What is EMF?

What is EMF? Never before there have been so many possibilities to communicate, talk, play games or get information. For this purpose, we use devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets and other electronic devices with mobile radio networks, WiFi or Bluetooth connection every day. There are also DECT cordless phones and baby monitors. Cable …

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Research Since in 1980, microwave ovens, in 1993 DECT cordless phones and in early 2000s mobile phones, quickly followed by laptops with Wi-Fi connections, smartphones and tablets, smart watches and more were introduced to our households, scientists are asking themselves about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health. And this question is quite justified: …

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WiFi: convenient or dangerous?

WiFi: Convenient or dangerous? Originally, WiFi was developed to provide fast, wireless data access within a local area network. The information is transmitted on the license-free 2.4 or 5.8 GHz frequency band. So far a great invention, but already with the introduction of WiFi with all its benefits over 22 years ago , potential health risks weren’t …

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