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Frequently Asked Questions

You ask, we answer!

The scientific evidence of our methods and solutions is very important to us. Find answers to the most common questions here. To view the answer, please just click on the question.

Phone Cases

That’s right: if you completely cut off the signal of the mobile phone, it radiates even stronger, changes the frequencies and tries to get a connection.
It is crucial that in our phone cases, the signal of the mobile phone is not affected. The cell phone still gets enough signal over the open sides. However, the shielded front and back protects the human body from direct radiation.
Very vividly, this shows the following graphic compared to a conventional case or case:

Funktionsprinzip EMV+ Anti radiaion phone case


The accessibility of smartphones is a very complex matter. Our shielding materials achieve a particularly high efficiency, which corresponds to an effectiveness of up to 99.9996%. However, for some phones, this 0.0004% is still enough to have a signal (at a frequency of 1GHz). In addition: If the phone determines that it cannot connect on the usual frequencies, it simply regulates its transmission power (one notices that the battery runs out faster) and also tries out other frequencies until somehow a connection succeeds.

Nevertheless, the reception strength is greatly reduced!

Looking at this circumstance from the other side, only 0.0004% of the radiation reaches your head when you wear the beanie. Note: This percentage applies only in the rare case that the phone radiates at the highest transmission power, i.e. if it has virtually no signal and is held without any distance on the head/body. With good signal, the transmission power is so low that you are 100% protected.

Of course, one achieves the maximum of shielding from radiation only in a completely closed system, such as e.g. when using canopies at the bed or workplace. If you wear a shirt (open at the top and bottom) or a cap (open at the bottom), of course, a small amount of radiation can enter the body at the top or bottom. Nevertheless, this achieves such a massive reduction in the amount of radiation that justifies the application of our BodyShields.

Radiation is partly reflected by the shielding materials, but for the biggest part it is simply extinguished (due to the inhomogeneous surface). Please note in addition: electromagnetic radiation is reflected from absolutely every surface (walls, people, objects …) as well in part, extinguished and partly transmitted (depending on surface, material and frequency). The human body also absorbs and reflects radiation. An eternal back and forth of the radiation in the body is thus a fool’s tale.

For our shielding fabrics we use polyamide filaments whose fibers were coated with a full-surface metallic silver layer (with 99.9% pure silver) before yarning and weaving. This achieves a silver content of 20% in the finished textile. More information can be found here.

Nano-silver is silver in the form of small particles in the order of 1 to 100 nm, which are loosely located between the fibers of a fabric. The nano-silver particles should be able to penetrate into our cells due to their small size, but the effects on our health are controversially discussed. For our products, only fabrics are used whose fibers (usually polyamide) were coated with a full-surface metallic silver layer before yarning and weaving. Due to the silver plating, the silver is firmly bound and does not detach from the compound. Even if particles are released over time in the course of heavy use, they are much larger than nano-silver particles and thus can not penetrate through the skin into the body. More information can be found here.

Silver filaments are particularly conductive and therefore shield electromagnetic fields the best. Unlike products made of stainless steel, products using silver threads are particularly light and comfortable to wear. Silver rarely causes allergies and is thus is clearly preferable to allergenic nickel/copper mixtures!

All of our shielding materials block electromagnetic radiation extremely well, but there are subtle differences in accurate measurements of the shielding performance. The shielding efficiency is given in dBm and is better, the higher the value is. The dBm value can also be converted to percent. For example, our most popular shielding fabric “Silver Vision” blocks radiation at a frequency of 1 GHz at 54 dBm or 99.9996%. This means that at full transmission power at this frequency only 0.0004% of the radiation can pass through the material. The shielding values ​​of our other shielding textiles (dBm and percent) can be found in the respective products.


Airpods and other wireless headphones are always questionable when using them in close proximity to the body.
The communication of such headphones usually works via Bluetooth, which uses the same frequency as WiFi.
Airpods have the strongest possible Bluetooth transmission power: Class 1, which corresponds to a very high radiation exposure of 100mW. According to the manufacturer, the headphones comply with the recommended SAR maximum for body part areas, but this only considers thermal effects. According to studies, especially athermal effects are important:

Athermal effects carry a variety of risks to human health: for their communication and coordination, body cells use electromagnetic oscillations in exactly the same frequency ranges as are needed for mobile services. Permanent disturbances lead to damage, one becomes stick. Also responsible is the possible mechanism of action of oxidative stress and free radicals, which damage the genetic material.

Furthermore, one should remember that these airpods are located in a very close area (ear canal) and thus directly next to the brain without any additional barriers (skin, muscle, cranial bones) and therefore the effects of the outgoing radiation are to be evaluated higher.

We therefore recommend only our patented air tube headphones, which guarantee a listening experience completely free from electromagnetic radiation.

In conventional headphones, the speaker is located directly in the ear canal. This is questionable so far as all loudspeakers use electromagnetic radiation for sound generation. For our headphones, the speaker is located about 20 cm apart from the head in a small capsule. The sound is transmitted via air hoses to the ear – completely free from electromagnetic radiation.
In addition, the wires of the headphones are shielded with high-quality copper mesh, so that electromagnetic radiation is not transmitted via the wires to the head or body. Like silver, copper is highly conductive and therefore excellently shields electromagnetic fields.

We currently have 3 models to choose from.

These basically differ only in the shape of the headphones and it is a matter of taste, which model you prefer. The black/gold in-ear headphones are inserted deep into the ear canal and close tightly. One perceives less ambient noise. The white/copper-colored ergonomic headphones lie loose in the ear, but are also very comfortable to wear thanks to the supplied silicone cover.

Finally, we also offer a radiation-reduced Bluetooth headset, which works with a very low transmission power, and the speaker capsule is also not sitting in the ear canal.

Is the answer to your question not included? Write us!

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