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How is protection against cell phone radiation possible?

Today, radio frequency (RF) originates from any modern device – cell phones, computers or the coveted IoT (Internet of Things) that is used to optimize and automate everything (alarm systems, cameras, blinds controls, baby monitors, etc.). How is it possible to minimize the influence of this RF radiation? This succeeds with simple physics!

Problem: today’s society

It is virtually impossibile to remove all radiating devices in today’s society. Even if you have removed your devices, there are still many RF-producing devices in your environment: neighbors’ WiFi, radio masts or phoning people; Today, there simply is no way to separate oneself from all RF-producing devices.
Likewise, one can barely escape the exposition to WiFi radiation, which now is available almost everywhere (office, hotel, university, schools, public institutions, …).
In addition, many people simply do not want to give up their smartphone and the comfort that comes along with it.

Ways to protect against cell phone radiation

RF sources

The fewer sources you have, the less radiation you expose yourself to. Not only cell phones or computers have wireless connections, but also inconspicuous devices such as smart watches, pulse fitness equipment, tablets, MP3 players, televisions and stereos, blind controls, IoT, alarm systems, baby monitor, cordless phones, game consoles and more.
Tip: Pay attention to your children (no baby monitor, mobile phone, WiFi or smart device in the children’s room).
Tip: Always remove game consoles from power, as they will radiate strongly even in standby mode!

Exposure time

RF rays are a pulsating energy stream that takes time to achieve cell changes. A short-term exposure works differently than the continuous load.
Tip: Turn on smartphone, tablet und computer only when needed.
Tip: Turn off WiFi and Smartphone at least at night (e.g. use the flight mode).


Keep devices at a safe distance to reduce the intensity of the radiation. At a distance of 2 cm from the source, the radiation exposure is only a quarter and at 4 cm only one-sixteenth.
You should therefore create at least a small distance between yourself and the radiation source.
Tip: Make calls using the integrated hands-free system.


Everything works wirelessly today. Starting with computer mice, headphones, the Internet, phones, keyboards, speakers, monitors, and more. All these devices would not need to generate RF if they were wired.
Tip: Use wired solutions instead of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.
Tip: Make phone calls with a wired Airtubes headset that does not transmit radiation to the ears.


Radiation shields protect you from cell phone radiation and other electromagnetic radiation from mobile electronic devices. Shields or radiation shields can distract, redirect and absorb radiation that is between you and the source. Depending on how strong the source radiates, they require a certain amount or type of shielding.
Tip: In our shop you will find a large selection of products for shielding against harmful RF radiation.


  • You have many opportunities to protect yourself and your family.
  • Take care in good time and find your way back to deep sleep and inner peace.
  • Especially if you feel uncomfortable under the influence of cell phone radiation, you should immediately do something about it.
  • Especially adolescent children should be protected from cell phone radiation, etc.
  • Take the first step now to feel better. It’s up to you!

Electromagnetic radiation like e.g. cell phone radiation is an energy that  can have a profound effect on body cells over time. There is still much research in connection with long term effects on non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. In the meantime, we invite you to learn more about the effects of RF radiation.

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