Anti-Blue-Light Hydrogel Film for Smartphone

Anti-Blue-Light Hydrogel Film for Smartphone

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Not always there are anti blue light glasses at hand. That’s no problem with our innovative anti-blue light hydrogel film protection for smartphones! The high-quality protector layer blocks up to 99% of the harmful blue light originating form the mobile’s screen to reduce the negative effects on your health such as tiredness, sleep disturbances, dry eyes and headaches from artificial light effects.

Especially recommended for electrosensitive (EHS) people but also to prevent blue light from causing permanent damage to the retina.

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Product description


+ Low odor, works without glue
+ Suitable for rounded edges of modern smartphones
+ Extra easy to install (see video tutorial)
+ Highly resistant material with self-healing surface
+ Absolutely clear and anti-glare vision
+ Contrast enhancement increases your concentration and ensures good legibility of small fonts
+ When surfing and playing with the smartphone no anti-blue light glasses is needed.
+ Colors in the visible light spectrum appear extra naturally while harmful blue light components (380 to 440 nm) are blocked.
+ Eyes can not be overstimulated (therefore suitable for EHS).

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