Huawei Case

Huawei Case


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For wireless communication while phone calls, when surfing, texting and even in standby mode, all smartphones use electromagnetic radiation. With the unique anti-radiation mobile phone case from EMV+ you finally have the opportunity to protect yourself scientifically proven and effectively from the direct effects of electromagnetic radiation!

Also available for selected smartphones from Apple (iPhone) and Samsung. For all other models we recommend our universal cases.

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Product description

Anti-Radiation Smartphone Case – safely redirects radiation away from the body

During calls, when texting (SMS, WhatsApp …), surfing and even in standby mode, all smartphones use electromagnetic radiation for wireless communication. This radiation is as well constantly absorbed by your body. But the harmful and disease-promoting potential of mobile phone radiation has already been scientifically proven many times!

Now you finally have the opportunity to protect yourself in a scientifically proven way!

This anti-radiation phone case protects you reliably with shielding high-tech metal fabrics in the front and back, without reducing the signal quality of your mobile phone. Electromagnetic radiation is partly reflected and partly extinguished by the inhomogeneous surface.

+++ TIP: For maximum radiation reduction, close the case during phone calls

Since even the holes in the front of the case for the speakers are protected, you are on the safe side while phone calls. Even the heat developed by the microwave energy does not reach the ear through the shielding layers of the phone cover.

+++ Be prepared for 5G

Up to almost 100% of the electromagnetic radiation of all frequencies commonly used in mobile communication are blocked. These include GSM, UMTS, 4G, 5G, WLAN and Bluetooth.

+++ Worldwide unique: front and back cover are shielded

Even when surfing and texting your hand is protected. Since the front and back side of the case are shielded, radiation does not get directly to your body, even if you hold the phone  in your hands while surfing or texting (SMS, WhatsApp …).

+++ Intelligent design: The signal quality is not negatively affected

Even when using the anti-radiation case, your smartphone still has sufficient signal e.g. on the open sides.

+++ Our design – exclusively available at EMV+

State-of-the-art shielding materials that provide the highest level of safety – developed and engineered by EMV+ in collaboration with European scientists and engineers.

+++ Bonus: NFC/RFID protection against unwanted reading out of personal data is included

Data thieves do not have an easy time with this phone case. On the one hand, the NFC function of your phone is blocked when the case is closed. On the other hand, cards with RFID chip, such as debit card or credit card, can be safely stored in the card slot integrated in the mobile phone case. An unnoticed reading out of your data, data theft or debits from your bank account are effectively prevented.

+++ Protects not only you, but also your smartphone

Unattractive scratches, dents and fractures are a thing of the past: keep your smartphone protected in this case.

+++ For numerous mobile phone models

The unique Anti-Radiation Case made by EMV+ is designed for a wide range of carefully selected mobile phone models. Should your desired model not be included, use the EMV+ universal cover, or write us and call us your desired model! We will gladly see what we can do for you.

+++ Vegan material

High-quality imitation leather replaces real leather – suitable for vegans!
Available in the colors copper and black.

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