Mono Headset

Mono Headset


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Ideal for phone calls: the new mono headset with just one headphone!
Protect yourself with the unique radiation protection headset from EMV+! The new EMV+ Anti-Radiation Headphone has an improved cable system with shatterproof cable protection and a sophisticated sound system for a crystal clear listening experience. An integrated remote control with multi-functional button, volume control and microphone with Noise Reduction complete the package perfectly.
Ideal for children, pregnant women and electrosensitive people!

  • Shielded cable does not transmit electromagnetic radiation from the cell phone to the ear when making calls
  • The loudspeaker sits outside the ear canal: the head remains free of electrosmog!
  • Mono headset (only 1 headphone) for everyone who uses the headset primarily for making calls
  • Color: Back/Silver, high-quality remote control included!


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Product description


  • Patented EMF protection promises absolute security
  • Unique Airtube anti-radiation technology effectively eliminates 99.9% of EMF radiation and prevents headaches, insomnia, dermatitis and other EMF-related illnesses.
  • Sound cavity is free of magnetic radiation, as no speaker is integrated in the earphones
  • Airtubes isolate the magnetic field & radiation source
  • To achieve optimum radiation protection, high-quality copper wires prevent the transmission of high-frequency electromagnetic waves
  • Qualitative 3.5mm plug, compatible with audio devices and mobile phones and PCs
  • Excellent sound quality of the built-in high-performance microphone
  • Unique dual sound concentrator, providing perfect low-bass stereo sound and clear communication experience
  • Soft earplugs provide a comfortable and secure fit
  • Earplugs made from skin friendly silica gel, which is free from BPA and other softeners
  • Easy to use with multifunction button and volume control

Delivery includes:
* EMV+ anti-radiation headset, color: black/silver (with only 1 headphone)
* Replacement earplugs


Comparison of the radiation exposure of conventional vs. EMV+ Airtube headset
Magnetic field load during telephone conversation

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