PREMIUM Beanie made from Viscose

PREMIUM Beanie made from Viscose


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(2 customer reviews)

Shielding efficiency: 54 dBm (99.9996%)
Extra soft beanie as protection against electromagnetic radiation (e.g. cell phone radiation). The viscose in sand-color or anthracite on the outside is particularly comfortable to wear, while the shielding silver fabric is invisibly hidden inside.

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Product description

Anti-radiation shield against electrosmog in PREMIUM version

All modern electrical devices generate electromagnetic fields (EMF), which damage health under continuous irradiation. EMV+ is fighting the electrosmog: with products that suppress electromagnetic fields, human’s health is promoted and well-being increased again. 


Using state-of-the-art shielding materials, this EMV+ beanie blocks up to more than 99.999% of the electromagnetic radiation produced by electrical devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers and wireless routers without affecting their signal quality.
As the silver fabric is invisible between two layers of thin viscose, neither you nor others realize that you actually wear a protective shield.
Plus point: This EMV+ cap pampers you with skin flattering viscose while you feel completely protected without being noticed negatively.


The soft viscose is known to be particularly skin-friendly and breathable. This guarantees an extra high comfort! Due to the thin material, body heat is well derived, making the cap ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Worn at night, this cap ensures a particularly deep and restful sleep.

  • Beansie made of state-of-the-art shielding materials that block up to 100% of wireless electromagnetic radiation
  • The outer sides are made of pleasantly soft, skin-friendly and breathable viscose
  • Guaranteed high comfort outdoors and indoors (even at night)#
  • PREMIUM beanie for noticeable protection without attracting attention
  • Made in Austria


Technical specifications:
  • Material composition: 96% viscose and 4% spandex (outside) and 100% silver-plated polyamide (inside) (read more)
  • Absorbs and reflects up to 100% of EMF radiation
  • Shielding efficiency: 54 dBm at 1 GHz (99.9996%)
  • Weight: 46 g/m² (inside), 190 g/m² (outside)

Care instructions:

The beanie is washable in gentle cycle up to 30°C with a mild, biological detergent. If necessary, the beanie can be gently ironed with low temperature. Do not put in the dryer!


Durability of the material depends on individual strain.
In the case of products intended for direct physical contact to human skin, EMV+ does not use allergy-causing or hazardous substances such as zinc, nickel, copper, lead, aluminum or steel, and therefore uses only the best qualities of silver.

Product reviews

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for PREMIUM Beanie made from Viscose

  1. Jeff

    Nice and soft!

  2. Swen


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