Earthing Patch

Earthing Patch


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Most effective dissipation of low frequency fields (i.e., house current, traction current) is achieved by grounding through the domestic socket.

The flexible grounding patch with integrated clip connection is sewn to the shielding textile with direct contact. By connecting a grounding set, this enables grounding via the ground line of the domestic socket. For each non-conductive interconnected textile, a separate patch is needed. The use of one patch per textile is sufficient.

Delivery content:
  • 1 eathing patch

Tip: Additionally you will need a Earthing Plug (for up to 2 earthing cables) and 1 to 2 Earthing Cables or alternatively an Earthing Set.

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Product description

The dissipation of low-frequency fields (i.e., house current, traction current) of shielding products is done most efficiently via grounding. This is achieved by connecting shielding materials such as canopy, blanket or bulk goods, via a grounding set (consisting of plug and cable) to the ground line of the domestic socket.

The Earthing Patch thereby is the connection between shielding textile and the Earthing Set (Plug and Cable). 

For efficient earhing you will additionally need:

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