Military Cap

Military Cap

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Shielding efficiency: 54 dBm (99.9996%) – durable, military-style shielding cap
If you prefer caps instead of beanies, this cap in military look as a passive protective shield against mobile phone radiation is the best advice. The shielding silver fabric lies invisibly inside and blocks up to 100% of the acting electromagnetic radiation: for a noticeable, but invisible protection!
Ideal for mild spring temperatures, as sun protection in summer or indoors!

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Product description

Cap in military look as anti-radiation shield for the head

All modern electrical devices generate electromagnetic fields (EMF) that can affect health. In times of LTE, 5G, WLAN and Bluetooth, there are no longer any ways to completely avoid this radiation. With products that dampen and reflect radiation, one can counteract these dangers and increase well-being.


Behind the inconspicuous-looking EMV+ military cap made of durable cotton in a modern design, hides a technical masterpiece: shielding silver fabric was incorporated as an additional layer inside the cap, which the unsurpassable shielding performance of up to 100% is achieved. Protect yourself from mobile phone radiation with EMV+.


  • Innovative cap that blocks up to 100% of mobile phone radiation
  • Modern design for noticeable protection, without attracting attention
  • extra durable
  • perfect for mild temperatures, as sun protection in summer or indoors
  • Made in Austria


Technical specifications:
  • Material composition: 100% cotton (outside) and 100% silver-plated polyamide (inside) (read more)
  • Absorbs and reflects up to 100% of EMF radiation
  • Shielding efficiency: 54 dBm at 1 GHz (99.9996%)
  • Weight: 46 g/m² (inside), 200 g/m² (outside)

Care instructions:

Hand wash with a mild biological detergent with lukewarm water is recommended. Do not iron! Do not put in the dryer. 


Durability of the material depends on individual strain. Natural oxidation processes may cause slight discoloration. This does not reduce the shielding performance.
In the case of products intended for direct physical contact to human skin, EMV+ does not use allergy-causing or hazardous substances such as zinc, nickel, copper, lead, aluminum or steel, and therefore uses only the best qualities of silver.

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