Reading Glasses with Anti Blue Light Filter

Reading Glasses with Anti Blue Light Filter


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Blue light from computer screens, TV, smartphones, as well as LED bulbs can cause fatigue, sleeping disorders, dry eyes, headaches and even permanent retinal damage.

The clear lenses of the EMV+ Anti Blue Light Reading Glasses block 50% of the harmful blue light, in order to reduce the negative effects of artificial

light on health. The EMV+ Anti Blue Light Reading Glasses protect and relieve your eyes reliably during long screen work or LED lighting. Particularly recommended are these glasses also when watching TV, during computer work or when reading on a tablet or mobile phone. They improve the contrast and filter potentially harmful blue light.

The reading glasses are available in different diopters: +1.0 +1.50 +2.0 +2.50 +3.0 +3.50 +4.0

Customers recommend

Customers recommend

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Product description

Digital Vision: Harmful Blue Light

The modern world is changing our vision: Artificial light from LEDs, energy-saving lamps, neon tubes and displays has a dramatically increased proportion of blue light compared to natural sunlight. If we surround ourselves with artificial light sources every day, especially late at night, the result may be scratchy or dry eyes, poor vision, more serious eye damage, insomnia or chronic headaches.

The targeted use of special glasses with integrated blue light filter can reduce these symptoms and help to see sharper again and to relax the eyes. Get back your well-being without giving up the comfortable use of modern technologies.
Tip: Wear yellow or clear glasses with blue light filters for prolonged work on the screen and during evening television or reading on a tablet or mobile phone. Recommended as well for children.


  • Blocks UV light and blue light
  • Modern and very light and flexible frame is made of a high-tech resistant material
  • Specially coated glasses ensure an absolutely clear and anti-glare view
  • Contrast enhancement increases your concentration and ensures good legibility of small fonts
  • Very good for normal daily use, as it makes the colors appear most natural in the visible light spectrum
  • Ideal for reading or when working on a computer, laptop or tablet
  • Suitable in bad weather when the lighting conditions are rather darker
  • Especially for people who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), because yellow lenses can overstimulate the eyes

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