RFID & NFC Safety Sleeve

RFID & NFC Safety Sleeve

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Card sleeve to protect your personal data on debit card, credit card, driver’s license, e-card, passport, etc. Easily fit into common wallets thanks to the thin material. Data theft on the commercial frequency of 13.56 MHz is no longer possible.

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Product description

Simple case with unbeatable effect!

Recently, data thieves have had an easy time: with special portable devices, they unnoticedly steal personal data or account data directly from trousers and handbags. This is becausse EC card payments of small amounts are now possible even without pin code – they just hold the reader unnoticedly to the purse in the pocket and already have debited 20 euros. After 5 repetitions the code will normally be needed – but by that time you will have 100 euros less!

Your personal data on e-card or passport is also protected against theft with this shielding case.

Our recommendation: use several of these shielding cases, so every card in your wallet is safe!

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