Shielding Blanket

Shielding Blanket


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Shielding efficiency: 42 dBm (99.9937%) +++ Simple, uncomplicated and versatile!

This shielding blanket with hypoallergenic silver filaments provides mobile protection for LF and RF at home and on the go. Give your body the rest it needs at night and sleep free from electrosmog and radio radiation. Can be used as a cover, e.g. in your own living room, in the hotel or even as a bed sheet and in combination with a shielding canopy – finally relax healthy again! Now available as well for babies! For even more effective shielding of low-frequency (LF) radiation, order the earthing cable at a special price!

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Product description

Simple and effective help not only for electrosensitive people!

During the day we are almost continuously exposed to high-frequency electromagnetic fields from smartphones, WiFi or cordless phones. If you consider to consciously reduce the load of your own devices, the radiation originating from neighbors or mobile phone masts in the surroundings still remains. Not to mention low-frequency electrosmog through your own home wiring in the wall! 

Allow yourself and your body at least at night to a recover from this continous stress using this shielding blanket – proven to reduce the burden of electrosmog of high and low frequency fields. 

Demo: Shielding of high frequency fields (mobile phone, WiFi, wireless mouse…)


Demo: Shielding of low frequency fields with/without earthing (house electricity, traction current…)


  • A balanced combination of cotton with silver-plated nylon threads ensures a pleasantly soft skin feeling.
  • Highly conductive silver threads ensure unsurpassed shielding performance – unsurpassed by products made of stainless steel or allergenic nickel/copper mixtures!
  • Feather-light and thin! Can be used in summer and winter and is ideal for mobile protection when traveling.
  • Extremely effective against high radio-frequency (RF) radiation such as mobile phone radiation, WiFi, DECT, 5G …
  • Including earthing connection: Even more effective shielding of low-frequency (LF) radiation (eg house electricity, traction current) via earthing cable via Schuko plug possible (cable sold separately)


  • as a blanket on the couch, in bed, on business trips or in the hotel
  • as a bed sheet in your own bed, if additionally a shielding canopy or a second, shielding blanket is used
  • as emergency kit for use on the way
  • Put the shielding blanket in the cover to your normal blanket! This prevents the blanket from slipping during the night and reduces the number of washing cycles required, which in turn protects the silver fibers.



Technical data:
  • Material composition: 65% cotton, 35% silver plated polyamide
  • Connection plug vor earhing (cable sold separately)
  • Color: gray
  • Absorbs and reflects up to 100% of EMF radiation
  • Shielding efficiency: 42 dBm at 1 GHz (99.9937%)
  • Size: 135 x 200 cm
  • Weight: 280 g/m²


Care instructions:

Washable in gentle cycle up to 30°C with a mild biological detergent. It is best to use a laundry protection net and only spin gently. Do not iron! Do not put in the dryer.


Natural oxidation processes may cause slight discoloration. This does not reduce the shielding performance.Durability of the material depending on individual strain.
In the case of products intended for direct physical contact to human skin, EMV+ does not use any allergy-causing or hazardous substances such as zinc, nickel, copper, lead, aluminum or steel, and therefore uses only the best qualities of silver.

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