Silver Comfort+ (bulk good)

 147.90 / m

Shielding efficiency: 46 dBm (99.9975%)
Sew your own shielding hoodies, underwear, caps, shorts and much more with this skin-friendly shielding fabric in either gray or black. This special doubleface jersey has a cotton and a silver side – decide for yourself which side should face the body.

Please note:
  • Fabric width: 1.80 m, selling unit: starting from 0.5 running meters, in steps of 10 cm
  • 147.90 €/rm = 79.95 €/m2


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  • Material composition: 53% cotton, 42% silver-plated polyamide, 5% Polyamid (read more)
  • Color: Gray or black, back side: silver gray
  • Fabric width: 1.85 m
  • Weight: 160 g/m²
  • Sales unit: from 0.5 running meters, in steps of 10 cm (tailored to customer requirements)
  • Technique: knitted, two sided
  • Usage: Clothing such as jogging pants, hoodies, shirts, pajamas, underwear, caps, scarves, children’s clothing, blankets, curtains, room dividers …
  • Properties: stretchy, skin-friendly, soft
  • Body sensation: both sides can be worn directly on the skin, pleasantly soft on both sides. Decide for yourself which side should be used facing the body.
Technical data:
  • Absorbs and reflects up to 100% of EMF radiation
  • Shielding efficiency: 46 dBm at 1 GHz (99.9975%)
  • excellent shielding of low-frequency fields (70 dBm, 99.99999%)
  • can be grounded for even more effective shielding of low frequency fields with grounding set
Care instructions:

Washable in gentle cycle up to 30°C with a mild biological detergent. Use a laundry protection net. If necessary, the cotton side can be gently ironed at low temperature. DO NOT iron the silver side. Do not put in the dryer.


Natural oxidation processes can lead to slight discoloration of silver. These do not affect the shielding performance. Durability of the material depending on the individual strain.


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