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Story of a victim...

...and why we actually do, what we do.

Dipl. Ing. Christoph W., one of the founders of EMV+, for the first time publicly talks about his suffering and how he now wants to warn people of the health-damaging potential of electromagnetic radiation after overcoming his illness.

In retrospect, I know it better

Again and again I hear the claim that you only need to protect yourself from cell phone radiation if you react “sensitively” to it. The reduction of the burden is therefore only meaningful if symptoms are already present. But just because you can not consciously feel mobile phone radiation this does not mean that it has no effects on a biological organism. With my story, I would like to draw attention to the fact that the health risks associated with the constant irradiation of mobile phones, WiFi, etc., affects absolutely every one of us

The dose makes the poison

Since my earliest childhood, I was passionate about radio technology: may it be amateur radio or my first mobile phone, I was fascinated by wireless data transmission. The visit of an Higher Technical School for electrical engineering and my studies of television and telecommunications stoke my fascination for the frequency technology even further.
At this time I did not even think about any negative health effects of the radiation. If it would have been dangerous, it would for sure be forbidden! My parents (father professor and measurement/high-frequency technician, mother biologist) and companioned scientists have been skeptical of the trivialization of wireless data transmission since the beginning. However, I was unconcerned and enthusiastic about this technique and for that reason ignored reports about possible negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

For many years, being on the phone for hours and surfing the wireless Internet was no problem. Especially in my job as a measuring technician in the field service, the mobility and constant accessibility was mandatory. Most of the time, I’ve been on the road day and night with two smartphones in my pockets (always close to the body!). Permanent availability was required, which is why the mobile phone had to be switched on even at night.

The terrifying diagnosis

However, more and more often strong concentration problems, sleep disorders, headaches and severe depression crept in, which I discovered especially after using mobile phones and WiFi devices. These complaints escalated months later with initially relatively harmless “blackouts”, later extreme and even life-threatening absenteeism and delusions.
Initially, I did not wanted to believe what colleagues and friends told me about my behavior during my absences of consciousness. But an MRI scan turned my life upside down: The diagnosis was an advanced brain tumor the size of a tennis ball in the frontal lobe.

Many severe epileptic seizures, extremely depressive hours and psychiatric treatments additionally aggravated the horror family drama.
The change to a healthy diet, the use of alternative medicine and a subsequent conventional medical treatment could finally not avert a dangerous 15-hour operation. The operation was successful, but the subsequent rehabilitation process brought a noticeable improvement in my condition only 2 years later.

My partner (PhD in Molecular Biology and Genetics) was loyal to me during all these difficult hours. Alternative medicine strengthened my vitality and rebuilt my immune system.

Radiation reduction brought improvement

At the urging of my parents, I changed my life to absolute radiation reduction. An immediate improvement of my sleep disorders, depression and the frequency of epileptic seizures thus set in even before the operation.
From then on, I was convinced of the danger of electromagnetic radiation! A literature review confirmed my new insight: According to studies, the development of tumors is strongly favored by cell phone and WiFi radiation.

I took new life courage, decided to leave my old life behind me and educate unsuspecting citizens about the risks of electromagnetic radiation. As soon as I was able to, I also researched strategies to reduce exposure to electromagnetic radiation, such as originating form cell phones and wireless devices. In this project I benefited from my previous professional experience in relevant Austrian companies: In companies where vibration theory was the daily business, I have already designed screens for sound, electromagnetic radiation for bodies, rooms and vehicles together with reputable reasearch groups.

Now – with the support of scientists, technicians and biologists – soon particularly effective shielding solutions to protect against electromagnetic radiation (mobile phone, WLAN, Bluetooth, 5G …) emerged.
My partner and I founded a company that we use to educate people and enable them to protect themselves from suffering from such a horror scenario. Despite the prevalent “radiation contamination”, which can probably never be avoided on our planet, we want to give man and nature a piece of security and give you the chance to live a long and above all healthy life.

I want prevention instead of rehabilitation

In retrospect, I regret my initial recklessness towards this invisible radiation. There are already many people who can detect mobile phone radiation in one way or another, or have even been diagnosed with electrohypersensitivity syndrome (EHS). But even if you can not (yet) feel the radiation and suffer from no physical symptoms, that does not mean that the electromagnetic radiation in your cells causes nothing. Today’s continuous mobile phone radiation exposure may over time lead to hypersensitivity or other symptoms. A drastic reduction of the individual load is therefore also necessary preventively.

My brain tumor could not be completely removed due to its size and proximity to vital brain areas. I still react sensitively to mobile phone radiation, WiFi etc. In order to feel better, the protection against it in my life still has a high priority.


Unfortunately, in our today’s society, it has become very important to be reachable everywhere. In addition, there are hardly any jobs in which a radiation-free environment is available. WiFi, Bluetooth, DECT cordless phones and active as well as passive mobile phone stress us constantly. Especially people in the city and in apartment blocks are even more affected. There are hardly any apartments in which one does not receive several WiFi signals at the same time. Apart from that, baby monitors and cordless phones are constantly hammering at our cells from earliest childhood. Rural dead spots are virtually gone. If we can no longer prevent 5G, we will also be tracked and irradiated by thousands of 5G satellites even to the last corners of the earth.

It is particularly sad that the youth is not better informed and usually uses these dangerous technologies every day without knowledge. Alleged innocuous diseases such as ADHD, insomnia, headache, stress and restlessness result from it, which are usually not brought into connection in conventional medicine with the irradiation by radio frequencies. But many studies have confirmed this for decades. They are downplayed and concealed, the harmlessness propagated in the media. All of this is no wonder: the use of these technologies is a billion dollar business worldwide, in which some empires become even richer – unthinkable to just turn them off.

Due to our broad knowledge of electromagnetic radiation and technology and our own personal experience, our team is constantly researching and developing new shielding and materials. It is especially important to make sure that terrible diseases (such as brain tumors, ADHD, EHS) can not develop later on.
Therefore, I already wish you a better life with the help of our solutions.

Best wishes,
Christoph W.

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